“One day before a long lockdown, Artura invades a dusty and obscure carpentry , vibrating the air with their unique live sounds” Artura “This Alternation” Live Session in Falegnameria – Ft. Steve Nardini New Model label/ Matteite 2021 Directed, filmed and edited by Enrico Qualizza Focus Puller: Michele Traina Recorded Live and mixed at “ La Cuccia” studio (Ud) by Matteo Dainese aka Il Cane Mastering: Marco Lega (Fi) Artura Live: Matteo Dainese – Drums , Percussions, Spache Echo Cristiano Deison – Processing, Sound Tommaso Casasola – Bass Dj Cic.1 – Scratch Mirko Cisilino – French Horn Steve Nardini – Vox Diego Lorenzo Zanitti – Wire Planer Lyrics by Sandra Tonizzo

Artura is a new musical project created by Matteo Dainese aka Il Cane with Tommaso Casasola and Cristiano Deison.

Three inspirations:

Artura: La Cuccia Studio’s legendary kitten; 

Drone: the title track but also the device used to capture the areal videos which will accompany all the different album tracks;

The Space Echo: the effect used to process all the instruments and sounds of the album.

“Drone” is a borderline album different from the other works that are blending analog and digital sounds, rethinking and reprogramming the digital parts with an human touch, giving life to an electronic journey with a strong physical approach generated by the use of real instruments and drum machines played live.

The characteristic electronic sound and the drum patterns of Il Cane are creating in “Drone” a rigorous instinctive-emotional path, enriched by the funky bass by Tommaso Casasola and contaminated by the processing of Deison.

Artura brings to life the 70s flavoured groove, which does not look back to the past and is not enclosed within easy styles definitions.

“Drone” is also the search for a new perspective: the freedom to look at the world from above but also the feelings given by the extended and infinite spaces where nature dominates and the human being appears extraneous, as it’s possible to focus in the video-shoots taken in different parts of the world, from Iceland to Hungary.