Enzo Favata The Crossing


feat. Pasquale Mirra, Rosa Brunello, Marco Frattini

the album 2021 CD & digital – Niafunken distributed by Goodfellas

A new album recorded after several shows in the summer of 2020. Enzo Favata The Crossing is a

quartet with a progressive and contemporary attitude, mixing complex layers and themes, a travel in

space and time, jazz, urban atmospheres, African and Mediterranean roots, electronica, krautrock

and many other different styles.

Enzo Favata, a maverick musican, producer, one of the most respected artists in the Italian jazz

scene, has joined forces with Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone and midi marimba), Marco Frattini

(drums) and Rosa Brunello (electric bass and double bass). There is a special care and research in

sound and production a balance between jazz interplay and dynamics, live recordings and studio


“The Crossing is the band I was looking for since a long time” tells Enzo Favata “And I needed jazz

players that had a new feeling and approach to compositions. Concert after concert the quartet

reached a new dimension and tightness, a real band in all its aspects and the main goal was to

transfer this energy into an album. I achieved this through a mix of live recordings and additional

production, overdubs of keyboards and analogue synths of the 70s and other guests that provided an

orchestral feeling, like the strings from Salvatore Maiore and Maria Vicentini, the cinematic vocals

of Ilaria Pilar Patassini, Marcello Peghin’s electric guitar and the Chinese master of guzheng, Zhan

Qian. In the studio session in February 2021 we recorded two tracks, “For Turiya” written by

Charlie Haden for Alice Coltrane and a new electronic hi-energy song, “Black Lives Matter” with

sampled vocals from Malcolm X, Fela Kuti and Steve Biko, a strong stand against racism, a long

time problem still actual, and dedicated to the struggle of black people.

The album opens with “Roots” by Ian Carr’s Nucleus, legend of British jazz rock and Canterbury

sound, that leads to an original composition, “Turn”, featuring soprano sax, electronic instruments,

vintage keyboards and organ, theremin and synths. “Salt Way” is an exploration of “fourth world

music” as theorized by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno, without losing the key elements of jazz.

“Oasis” is the final track, where in 12 minutes there is a summary of many elements of the album,

the love for African music through the Ethiopian scales played with bass clarinet. The recording

was mixed and mastered by senior sound engineer Alberto Erre, with his deep knowledge of

analogue gear, filters and compressors and the result is a warm wall of sound that can hardly be

obtained with contemporary digital plug ins.

Promotion and booking contact:

Govind Singh Khurana – 0039 3488836595